Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Packaged and gallery ready

The prints are looking great with custom mats and packaged in clear envelopes. I have been invited to display work at Sanderwood Fine Arts Gallery! What an honor! I will be taking originals and prints tomorrow. Very exciting!
My head is spinning with ideas to paint when the studio is back up and running. One week until moving day....then Grandmother time, my daughter is having a baby in less than one month!!! So many wonderful happenings right now. Thank you for all the great comments on the new website!


  1. Congratulations! You are great, my friend!

  2. Love the new mats! Very professional. I bet you sell out before the month is up! Good job, big sis. Love you!

  3. Your Amazing!!! I cant wait to get to the art gallery in Livingston!! And i Can not belive you have a website now!! Thats so fanstic!!

  4. congrats on your website--that is a huge accomplishment! i love your artwork too. it took my breath away when it appeared on my screen. so many good things happening for you! Enjoy every moment, especially the new baby coming! also, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. it made me feel better to know that someone else feels this way!


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